Different Hats

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Different Hats
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Different Hats
Different Hats
(2003) MyStar Recordings.

The Different Hats CD is a collection of originial works. Most of the songs were written by Haia. The musical arrangements were created by Mark Hubrouk.

Track List:
1I can't let go(3:10)
2It's time (3:00)
3Life (3:22)
4It's a very slow night (3:55)
5I miss you (3:40)
6You (3:37)
7Don't throw away (2:52)
8Take me to Hollywood (2:38)
9One more time (4:14)
10When your eyes met mine (4:04)
11Reach out for Love (2:59)
12My other me (2:30)
Haya on Stage

This CD was released during the summer of 2003. It has been warmly received everywhere. It has enjoyed a large audience at various show events in the US and Germany.